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Puja DescriptionAt the TempleOutside Temple, In DC Metro area
Aayush Homam$251$251
Abhishekam (Bathing of the Deity of your choice with rose water, milk, yogurt, honey, sandalwood water etc)$51$201
Annapraasanam (First feeding of solid food to the baby)$51$101
Bhoomi Puja Ground Breaking CeremonyN/A$151
Chaula Karma - Hair Offering$52N/A
Graha Shanti - Special puja to one of the Navagraha$201$201
Gruha Pravesam - House-Warming ceremonyN/A$251
Kalyana Utsavam - Wedding ceremony to the Lord$201$251
Naamakaranam - Naming of the child$75$151
Navagraha Homam$251$251
Nishchitartham - Engagement Ceremony$151$151
Punyaahavaachanam - Purificatory rites$151N/A
Sataabhishekam - After 90th Birthday$251$251
Satyanarayana Puja Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham$101$151
Seemantham Puja performed during pregnancy$251$251
Shashtiabdapoorty 60th Birthday$301$351
Swayam pakam On the name of parents (late)$21N/A
Upanayanam - Thread Ceremony$301$351
Vidyaarambam - Puja to begin childs education$51N/A
Vivaaham - Wedding (up to 3 hours)$351$401
Vivaaham (Elaborated) - Wedding (up to 5 hours))$501$551