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Pre-birth rituals are performed:

This ceremony is performed in the second, third and the fourth month of pregnancy. The meaning and object of this ceremony is to "quicken a male child" in the woman. The Pumsavana is performed on a day of male Nakshatra. During this ritual, a few drops of the juice of the Banyan stem are put into the right nostril of the pregnant lady to inhale it, with a prayer for the birth of a son or a worthy child. According to Saga "Susruta", the great Ayurvedic writer, the juice of the Banyan tree has all the properties of relieving trouble during pregnancy.Sanctified thread is tied to the left wrist of the lady by way of protection. The mantras, freely rendered, pray: "May God Isana fulfil our wishes; Dhata bless the world with children and wealth. May He bless this household too with children. May the immortals live in this house. May Agni bless me with sons. May Indra bless me with children. May I have handsome children."

a.To know and understand the importance of pregnancy as a condition;

b.For the overall development of the unborn child - physical, mental and spiritual;

c.To create a favorable environment for the expectant mother, with emphasis on her eating habits and her emotional and physical well being.


Usually, after the completion of three months of pregnancy, but may also be done later. It is believed that after the third month, the child in the womb starts taking a shape. It is in this period that the foetal brain begins to develop. It is important to provide a healthy environment to the unborn child, through the mother. Her positive thoughts, emotions and habits are all considered beneficial to the child.

Required Materials:

1Turmeric powder1/4 Lb
2Kumkum1 Packet
3Sandalwoodpaste/Powder1 Packet
4Agarabathi /Incense sticks1 Packet
5Camphor1 Packet
6Betel Leaves and Nuts15 + 15
7Flowers4 bunches
8Fruits12 Banana and 5 Varietys of fruits
10Rice5 Lbs
11coins ( quarters )20
12NaivedyamDevoteees choice
13Kalasa vasthram1Towel or 2 Yds cloth
14Ghee1 Lb
15Sugar candy (Kalakanda)1 Packet
16Paruppu Thenga1 Set ( 2 )
17Flower Garland2
18New dress for muhurtham1

Other Puja Materials from Home:

  • Deepam (Lamp), Oil, Match Box, Cotton Wicks
  • Kalasam, Panchapatra and Uddharini, Small trays 2 nos.
  • Big trays 2 nos., Small Cups 5 nos.
  • Asirvada New Dresses, Blankets 2 Nos. (For guest Seating)
  • Paper Napkins and Paper Plates (sufficient quantities)
  • Aluminium Foil